About Libby

Libby Horsman, a dedicated and passionate individual. With a background in public services, Libby has a wealth of experience in understanding the needs of the people around her. As a former event rider and a devoted horsewoman, her love for horses has been a significant part of her life, which she continues to nurture.

Having attended local schools, Libby is deeply familiar with the area and takes pride in using her knowledge to benefit others. As a proud mum, she instills the importance of community values and education in her children.

Throughout the years, Libby has been a strong pillar of support for her partner, Paul, as he built their business. She has not only provided emotional encouragement but has also taken on an active role in the day-to-day operations. As a homeowner and a landlord herself, Libby's experience in the housing industry has proven to be an invaluable asset to their venture.

When not busy with her family, career, or equestrian pursuits, Libby enjoys spending her spare time reading and watching crime dramas. She's also known for her love of Stacey Solomon, often sharing her favorite videos with Paul much to his annoyance.